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Probiotics solutions in the field of health

According to the Comprehensive Health Data released by National Health Service Survey Agency


Current research shows that some specific species from intestinal micro-biota disappeared change the immunity, metabolic and auxesis in the early stages of life, and finally increase the incidence of diseases. Probiotics could regulate the balance of enteric organisms effectively.

In the year 2020, the quantity of health industry in our country will be around 10.1 trillion, the overall growth rate from 2011 to 2020 reached 16.3%. And in the year 2019, the market sizes of probiotics supplement products up to 4.46 billion.

According to the corona virus disease diagnosis and treatment plan (4th trial version) issued by National Health Commission and National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine on January 27, the intestinal micro-ecology balance is a part of the treatment. And the intestinal micro-ecological balance was included in the 5th, 6th and 7th editions as an effective supportive therapy for corona virus disease diagnosis and treatment.


Over the years, we have accumulated the cooperation experience of many units, and constantly optimize the products from the details to make them better serve customers and serve the market.

Good for health management

After the probiotics enter the human body, it can turn into a “bacterial membrane barrier” in the intestines to resist the invasion of pathogenic bacteria, and maintain the micro-ecological.

Increase medicinal potency

When probiotics are used with some medicines, it can improve the medicinal potency effectively.

No side effects

Suitable amount probiotics don’t have any side effects or uncomfortable, normally it will disappear quickly by patient's body adjustment after probiotic therapy.

Disease prevention management has a wide range of applications

It can be used to protect the intestines, regulate immunity, lower blood lipids, regulate blood sugar, fight with cancer, etc.

Chronic disease management
Health management for chronic disease

The patent strains of Wecare probiotics such as: LP90, LRa05, CW006 and LG08, etc. are design for chronic disease.

Gastrointestinal health management
Constipation, diarrhea, intestinal flora balance and anti Helicobacter pylori

The patent strains of Wecare probiotics such as: N13, BLa80, LRa05, CN2018, etc. were used for intestinal function disorder and gastrointestinal diseases patients with.

Immunity health management
Enhance immunity management

The patent strains of Wecare probiotics such as LP90, LRa05, CW006 and LG08 were collected to provide probiotic solutions for human health.

Health Management For Reproductive Tract
It can inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria effectively and relieve vaginitis of females

Lactobacillus reuteri LR08 and other Lactobacillus could suppress the growth of pathogenic bacteria effectively and relieve vaginitis of females.

Health management for Oral (We-Smile)
Oral immunization, inhibit pathogenic microorganisms and prevent dental caries

It is composed of LS97, LA85 and LC86. It can enhance oral health, inhibit pathogenic microorganisms, prevent dental caries, and regulate oral micro-ecological environment effectively.

Six advantages of Wecare probiotics

Wecare Probiotics is a national talent enterprise of the "Ten Thousand Talents Program"; a national high-tech enterprise and national green factory. It has undertaken 4 items of the "13th Five-Year National Key R&D Program"; declared more than 100 patent strains and technologies; and authorized 11 items. Wecare is a member of the International Probiotic Association (IPA).

Five technical systems include probiotic functional research; efficient producing; stability of fermentation strain; probiotic dosage form and smart manufacturing. The high-standard throughout the process of production and quality control which produce the high-activity, stable and functional probiotics strains.

Wecare probiotics traveling across 9.6 million square meters of Chinese territory. We looking for the probiotics from Bama of Guangxi to Hulunbuir of Heilongjiang which living in Chinese people’s environment; therefore the probiotics are more suitable for Chinese people’s intestines.

We have nearly 20,000 strains of probiotic and hundreds of industrialized probiotic strains with clear functions and stable performance to meet various product development and production.

The top expert team of our industry composes 3 chief scientists, more than 10 PhDs, and approximates 100 R&D and application engineers; research for the probiotics and terminal products with clear function; and provides top research probiotic products for you.

Three domestic marketing centers covering 34 provinces of the country. We provide sales consultation and after-sales service for you 24 hours every day.

Professional focus on probiotics strains, intestinal flora and human health, fermented food strains R & D, production and application.