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Luohe Factory
Wecare Probiotics Luohe Plant is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Jiangsu Wecare Probiotics Co., Ltd. in Luohe. Relying on the strong scientific research capabilities of the headquarters, it has formed a high-tech enterprise integrating "production, learning and research". The project covers an area of about 46,000 square meters, with a total construction area of about 30,000 square meters. The main buildings include 3 production workshops, 1 office building, public facilities and warehouses, etc. 300 tons of probiotic powder, 10,000 tons of probiotic fermentation stock solution, and 10,000 tons of probiotic beverages can be produced per year. The annual output value reaches about 1 billion yuan and annual tax revenue reaches more than 50 million, which made it the largest probiotics manufacturer in China.

Suzhou factory
The Wecare Probiotics Suzhou factory is located in the beautiful long-history city , Suzhou. It was officially put into operation in 2013. After years of development and management, it already has an industry-leading R&D base and production line for probiotics and the key technologies. It also has built a highly standardized basic technology R&D laboratories, applied technology R&D laboratories, microbiological testing laboratories, physical and chemical testing laboratories, automated expansion control workshops, high-efficiency centrifugal emulsification workshops, vacuum freeze-drying workshops, crushing and packaging post-processing workshops, high-efficiency microecological preparation workshops, etc. Among them, the 100,000 class and 10,000 class cGMP purification workshops reach 20,000 square meters. With an annual output of 40 tons of probiotic powder and 3,000 tons of probiotic preparations.