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General Manager Speech

Health is the eternal theme of human beings and an important symbol of social development and progress.

With the "healthy China 2030" included in the national "13th five year plan", the big health industry ushered in a historic opportunity for development and innovation.

Probiotics, with their unique biological properties, provide new ideas and solutions for human beings to deal with intestinal diseases, chronic diseases, heart and brain diseases, and even food safety and environmental governance. Probiotics have become the focus of the field of health!

The state attaches great importance to the development of this field, and the research on probiotics (lactic acid bacteria) has been listed as a major scientific research project in the 13th five year plan and three consecutive five-year plans before.

It is my dream to develop the national independent probiotic industry and promote China to become a probiotic development power as soon as possible!

Bringing together the top talents and high-quality resources of probiotics industry in China, Wecare biology is breaking through the cocoon and forging ahead, and is practicing the dream of "made in China 2025" with full enthusiasm! We have a long way to go!

We will continue to focus on micro ecology, based on big health, and take the development of probiotic health of national independent intellectual property rights as our own responsibility, and fully commit ourselves to human health and environmental sustainable development.

National fungus, Chinese dream! Wecare will be realized!