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Jiangsu Probio-HERB Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established on July 25 

 Dr. Fang was awarded the "leading talent" by Wujiang.  

Pass NSF CGMP certification 

Certified with NSF CGMP/FSSC / ISO / HACCP 

Officially renamed as Jiangsu Wecare Biotechnology., Ltd. in October 

Complete the second expansion of probiotics powder and preparation

Joint research on IBS project with Wageningen UR

The only US NOP organic probiotics certification in the world  

Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center  

"Suzhou gazelle enterprise"  

Dr. Fang Shuguang was awarded "national ten thousand talents plan" by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee  

Won the title of national green factory

To obtain three national key R & D projects (Ministry of science and Technology) of the 13th five year plan  

Shanghai Research Institute established 

Suzhou Wujiang preparation factory automation and Henan Luohe factory put into operation 

The Party branch of "ethnic minority construction" awarded by the government  

Keep moving forward 

The dosage industrialization production base started production

Obtain product production license and enterprise standard record

Dr. Fang was awarded "Suzhou Gusu talents"

Established "Jiangnan Univesity and Wecare probiotics United Laboratory"

Certified with kosher / halal 

Recognized as "high tech product" and "high tech enterprise"

It has been recognized as the probiotic microecological preparation industrial base of national functional food engineering technology center by "high tech products" and "high tech enterprises"

Dr. Fang won the title of "innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent of Jiangsu Province"

Jiangsu enterprise postdoctoral workstation

Wecare Probiotics(LUOHE) Co., Ltd was estabilished

Signed academician workstation

The third expanded production line of WUJIANG production base started production.

Authorized BL21 patent strain

Won the title of "Suzhou Unicorn cultivation enterprise"

The first batch of anti epidemic enterprises in China

Suzhou Unicorn cultivation enterprise

Shanghai sales marketing center established

The second batch of special new "little giant" enterprises (national level)

The new production line of bacillus coagulans started production.

Wecare probiotics and Bayer reached strategic cooperation