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Fermented dairy application solutions
Fermented dairy products are acidic dairy products made from raw milk under the action of specific microorganisms by lactic acid bacteria fermentation or co-fermentation of lactic acid bacteria and yeast, including yogurt, kefir, fermented buttermilk, yogurt wine, milk wine (mainly horse milk wine), etc.
Fermented milk

With people’s recognition of the fermentation characteristics and health functions of probiotics, the probiotics added to fermented milk are also diversified. In addition to bringing different flavors to the product, different probiotics can also exert relevant functional characteristics and promote Human health.

Probiotic milk powder

Probiotics are commonly added in infant formula milk powder and middle-aged and elderly milk powder. Mainly used to regulate human intestinal health and enhance human immunity.

Probiotic cheese

Cheese is a good carrier of probiotics. The combination of cheese and probiotics not only ensures the taste of cheese, but also provides good protection for the probiotics through the harsh acid environment of the human gastrointestinal tract.

Frozen dairy products

The most common probiotic ice cream in frozen dairy products has a broad market prospect. It not only has a refreshing taste, but also has corresponding health care functions.